Best Fashion Youtubers You Need to Watch

best fashion youtubers
The Best Fashion Youtubers You Need to Watch

If you’re like me and are interested in fashion but are not sure how to learn about it, Youtube is the place to go. Fashion videos on Youtube are extremely helpful, and there are many fashion Youtubers that give great advice, offer helpful tips and tricks, provide outfit inspiration, and entertain people in the process.

There are many great Youtubers focused on fashion, so everyone can find one that they love and are inspired by. I’ve compiled a list of 7 the best fashion Youtubers that you need to watch, or at least the best fashion Youtubers that I’ve seen so far. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Best Dressed

Best Dressed, AKA Ashley, is the first fashion Youtuber that I started watching. She is my number one recommendation for anyone interested in fashion, but especially for beginners and people new to watching fashion videos on Youtube. She offers great advice and has an amazing fashion sense, but the best part of watching is just for Ashley herself. She is extremely entertaining, her commentary is funny and relatable, and her videos are extremely high quality.

“50 outfits for when you have nothing to wear” – one of Ashley’s best (and most popular) videos

Amy Serrano

Amy is extremely knowledgable about fashion, and watching her videos helps you become more knowledgable about it too. Amy is great at breaking down trends and style elements, thoroughly explaining and demonstrating what makes a good outfit. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is always something to gain from watching her. Not to mention, Amy is actually a professional stylist. Trust me, this girl knows her stuff.

“10 closet essentials for a killer wardrobe” – for beginners looking to buy basic pieces

Miss Alex

One of my favorite things about Miss Alex is the fact that the majority of her videos are quite short (usually around 10 minutes or less). When you’re looking for fashion tips or outfit inspiration, you don’t always want to spend a lot of time watching a video. While her videos are short, they have some great information and outfits packed into them. Speaking of short, Alex is very short herself, and so if you are petite and looking for advice on how to style your outfits, she is a great choice for that.

“Summer outfits with basics” – simple/casual outfit ideas that most people can easily replicate

The Notorious KIA

The Notorious KIA, AKA Kia, has a great selection of lookbooks in which she provides outfit ideas and advice on different styles and trends. I’m most impressed by how thought out and extremely detailed all of her videos are. They are each jam packed with tips and advice to an extent that I think few other fashion Youtubers match. I would most recommend her videos if you have a specific style question (like how to pair different prints), but she’s helpful and entertaining to watch even if you don’t have a specific need.

“How to: discover your personal style!” – detailed guide to help you define your style

Ivy Nicole

Ivy Nicole is seriously underrated. She has amazing style, great editing skills, and a variety of different videos she’s put out. Her videos are generally not too long, but they vary in length enough that you can always find a video to fit your schedule. Ivy also just seems like such a nice and positive person, that it’s hard not to enjoy watching her videos.

“Lazy day outfits” – comfortable outfits that still look put together and cute

Haley’s Corner

This girl can find great pieces in a thrift store like nobody’s business. While her thrift haul videos are great, she also has plenty of fashion tips and outfit inspiration videos, as well as beauty videos and even DIY videos. Haley’s videos always make me want to go shopping, and often inspire me to try something a little different. If you enjoy watching hauls and thrift flips, her videos are some of the best.

“Epic $100 thrift haul” – vintage clothes thrifted for very little money

And I Get Dressed

And I Get Dressed, AKA Kellie, is so entertaining to watch. She is hilarious, joyful, and all around just seems like a fun person. She focuses on plus size fashion, doing hauls, try-on videos, and vlogs of her life. Kellie doesn’t do too many tip videos, but she does explore different plus size brands and provides outfit ideas. Regardless of if you’re plus size or not, her videos are still super fun to watch just because of her personality.

“I let a stranger pick my outfits” – this video is more entertaining than you might expect

So there you have it! Those are seven of my favorite fashion Youtubers that I feel give great fashion tips, have amazing style, provide outfit inspiration, and are just generally really entertaining and fun to watch! Do you have a favorite fashion Youtuber not on this list? Let me know in the comments below! And make sure to subscribe to Sweet and Petite to stay updated on my newest posts!

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